Fat Stacks Legacy! Max (Jeskai Sagavan) vs Brian Coval (Bant Control)

September 11, 2021

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Max Gilmore
Fat Stacks Legacy Thumbnail

Fat. Stacks.

Five matches. $100 per match. Game on!

Brian Coval (a.k.a. BoshNRoll) invited me to play some high stakes head-to-head Magic! We play 5 matches of Jeskai Sagavan vs Bant Control, with the winner of each match earning $100 (for $500 total). As a fan of both competition and money, I happily agreed. It's a super deep (and close) matchup that produces awesome games for the players and viewers alike.

My Deck

In the interest of creating a "representative" matchup for the viewers and a fair deck to play against Brian, I decided to netdeck a high placing Jeskai Sagavan decklist from a deckbuilder I trust. Magic Online crusher NathanSteuer got 3rd place in a 200+ player Legacy PTQ a couple of weeks ago with a Jeskai Sagavan deck, so I took his list and adapted it slightly for my preferences.

Here's my list:

Jeskai Standstill vs Coval

(MTG Goldfish Link)

Brian's Deck

Brian has quite a range of decks he can pilot well, but he's always particularly skilled at playing Blue control decks. He's a big fan of the current Bant control decks, but noticed that they have a hard time closing out the game, leading to clock issues and unintentional draws in paper. His attempt to solve the problem is to play as a way to provide a never-ending wave of 2/2 Zombies that, like, Brian, hate unintentional draws. Brian's also splashing red for and sideboard s to improve his game against opposing Blue decks, like me!

Here's his list:

BoshNRoll 4c Bant Control

(MTGGoldfish Link)

The Matches!

This battle was epic, in both excitement and length. Clocking in at 4 hours long, the Youtube video is embedded below, but I'm also including some links to each part directly you can watch the matches at your leisure. Also, definitely go check out Brian's side of the battle on his channel here!

Timestamps (all hyperlinked):

And here's Brian's side from his Youtube Channel!

As always, thanks to Cardhoarder for sponsoring my content, and thank you to Brian's sponsor, Spunky, for sponsoring this money match!