MinMax Battle II

July 17, 2019

1 minute read

Max Gilmore
Minhajul Hoq

Hello and welcome to the second MinMax Battle!

Min and Max are putting their money where the mouths are, and going head-to-head in an epic Best of Five Matches! The prize? 10 MTGO tickets and unlimited bragging rights.

Why We're Doing This:

Legacy has received a lot of new cards from War of the Spark, Modern Horizons, and now M20, and we thought it would be a great time to showcase how these new cards affected the format!

Min and Max both recorded their Points of View, synced up perfectly. You can watch Max play and listen to his commentary, then watch Min's side of the same match and get his perspective! If you have a fancy multi-monitor setup, you could even put the videos side-by-side and watch them both at once, listening to whomever's voice you find more soothing.

The Format:

Min and Max are playing Legacy, and the first player to win three matches is the victor!

Each match is its own best of three games (normal Legacy stuff).

Min and Max have to play three sufficiently different decks for the first three matches. If it goes to match 4 or match 5, they can either repeat any of those first three decks or play another deck from their arsenal.

Min's Perspective:

Max's Perspective: