MinMax Battle III

January 6, 2021

1 minute read

Max Gilmore
Minhajul Hoq
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Hello and welcome to the third MinMax Battle!

Min and Max are putting their money where the mouths are, and going head-to-head in an epic NO HOLDS BARRED 4 Deck Elimination matchup! The prize? 20 MTGO tickets and unlimited bragging rights.

Why We're Doing This:

2020 was a rough year for multiple reasons, but they're all (hopefully) behind us now! Thus, Min and Max are bringing in the New Year with an all-new MinMax battle!

Min and Max both recorded their Points of View, synced up perfectly. You can watch Max play and listen to his commentary, then watch Min's side of the same match and get his perspective! If you have a fancy multi-monitor setup, you could even put the videos side-by-side and watch them both at once, listening to whomever's voice you find more soothing.

The Format:

Min and Max are playing Legacy, with a new deck elimination format! They each brought 4 decks to the table, and after each match, the loser bans a deck from the winner's pool. The first person to have all of their decks "banned" wins!

Each match is its own best of three games (normal Legacy stuff).

Min's Perspective:

Max's Perspective:


Min's Decklists:

BR Goblins


RUG Delver

4C Snow Miracles

Max's Decklists:


Grixis Doomsday

Gyruda Bomberman

UB Ninjas