UW Miracles vs UWr Miracles with Luke Strasler

March 13, 2019

10 minute read

Minhajul Hoq
Predict Art

Today we've got something a bit special! I invited Luke Strasler (@Lightlee_Salted) to do some Legacy testing with me! We tried out two different UW variants against a stock UWr configuration of Miracles to see how much of a difference access to and made, as well as what different play patterns and cards UW could employ to overcome that. Please enjoy the playlist below, and particularly the Conclusions video at the end!

Editors Note: Sadly some of Luke's audio cut off a bit and we were unable to fix that issue in post-editing. We'll use a different voice chat client next time we do content like this!

Min's First Decklist

Min's Second Decklist - Andrew Cuneo's Miracles

Luke Decklist - UWr Miracles