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Legacy Unchained Introduction

Legacy Unchained Introduction
Written by:
  • Callum Smith
  • Minhajul Hoq
  • Max Gilmore

📅 July 20, 2019

⏱️3 min read

Welcome to the Legacy Unchained League!

What is it?

Various degenerate cards from the Legacy banlist have suddenly escaped! What to do? Simple! 24 players will duke it out with various newly unbanned cards to see just how they'd fare within the realm of today's Legacy! The prize? Saving the world!

The Unbanned Cards

  • Deathrite Shaman
  • Dig Through Time
  • Earthcraft
  • Frantic Search
  • Gitaxian Probe
  • Goblin Recruiter
  • Hermit Druid
  • Mana Drain
  • Mind's Desire
  • Mind Twist
  • Survival of the Fittest
  • Sensei's Divining Top
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Windfall
  • Yawgmoth's Bargain

Of note, we are house ruling Dig Through Time to be only legal in one deck per player, so we can have variety instead of 5 different DTT decks.

The Participants

The Rules

This event will be ran in a double elimination format, 24 players, with pairings determined at the beginning of each week.

Players will have a week to play their match and both report the results. The first pairings will go out Saturday 27th July.

Players must submit their 5 decklists in the Discord for the week before playing their match. Each deck must be a sufficiently different archetype from one-another. Any number of different unbanned cards can be submitted in each deck, and the same deck can be submitted multiple weeks in a row. At most, only one deck of the 5 you submit each week may contain Dig Through Time.

Once decklists are submitted each week, they'll be available right here on MinMax, open to all to see! Decklists will be submitted before pairings for that week are determined. Pairings will also be posted here on MinMax.

Each week's round is a set of best of 5 matches, and each match is played as best of 3 (just like MinMax Battle format). Each deck must only be played once per round.

Each participant will submit 5 tokens as entry into the arena, which will later get distributed among the top 4 survivors of Legacy's most degenerate cards.


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