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  • Minhajul Hoq

    Minhajul Hoq

    Min is a 27-year-old Software Developer from Chittagong, Bangladesh, but currently resides in Columbus, OH with his wife Courtney and their dogs, Belle and Meeko. He’s a Legacy enthusiast, primarily of the Miracles archetype, having played and helped develop the deck for 6 years, but is also extremely passionate about tech, gaming, metal music, and Dungeons & Dragons.


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  • Max Gilmore

    Max Gilmore

    Max is a 31-year-old Mechanical Engineer, born, raised, and currently living in Southern California with his wife and two young children. With regard to Magic, he loves the process of brewing and refining decks, and tries to always keep growing as a player. His penchant is Legacy, but he also enjoys playing Vintage, Standard, and Modern, in that order. His other hobbies include brewing beer, writing music, and, nowadays, parenting!


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  • Isaac Bullwinkle

    Isaac Bullwinkle


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  • Marcus Ewaldh

    Marcus Ewaldh


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  • Tse Shuen Wan

    Tse Shuen Wan


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  • Callum Smith

    Callum Smith


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  • Eric Vergo

    Eric Vergo

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  • John Ryan Hamilton

    John Ryan Hamilton


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  • Eli Goings

    Eli Goings


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  • Rich Cali

    Rich Cali


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